Friday, July 22, 2011

ZooooOOOM! Summer's Flying By!

I don't have much time for blog posts right now since I'm deep in the writing of the 5th novel in the 13 to Life series, but I wanted to let you all know a couple things.

First: St. Martin's Press was gracious enough to allow a special price break on 13 TO LIFE in its e-book format (it's only $3.99!) until the release of BARGAINS AND BETRAYALS on August 16. So if you have a Nook or Kindle, now's a great time to check out 13 TO LIFE.

Second: I'll be giving away signed copies of SECRETS AND SHADOWS every Wednesday and Friday from now until the week before B&B releases. You can find the giveaways going on at my Twitter feed (@Shannon_Delany), my personal FB page and the FB Fan Page for The 13 to Life Series by Shannon Delany.

Third: If you keep your eyes peeled, you'll see some giveaways of ARCs of BARGAINS AND BETRAYALS thanks to the generosity of St. Martin's Press and participating bloggers. Enter and maybe you'll win! If you are an aspiring author, one of the coolest things is to get an ARC and then the official copy of a novel and do a comparison between what's in one and what's in the other.

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying summer (and reading and being creative)!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Big Apple, Baby! :) RWA 2011

Today a lot is going on--A LOT!!! I'm heading into NYC for RWA '11, and reading and writing and trying to get my life back in order. A tech's traveling with me and working on correcting an oversight I made in an upcoming project of historic proportions (he's learning code as fast as fast can be) although I'm still holding out hope for the project's delivery from the planned source.

So it's: hop a train, get to NYC, get my registration packet for the conference, enjoy the city, enjoy good company, decide on which workshops to attend, prep for my signing--free copies of SECRETS AND SHADOWS are being given away to attendees at 3pm Thursday--and hope destiny leads me to the workout room or hot tub. Or both. Ah, destiny, be kind! :)

Quick updates: DESTINY AND DECEPTION's revisions have been accepted, rights to BARGAINS AND BETRAYALS have been sold to France, reading two books I've been asked to blurb, and I'm thick in the writing of a science fiction short story for an anthology that wants it. Wish me luck, kids, I'm juggling as fast as I can!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teaser Tuesday: Bargains and Betrayals

I have been gone a looong time and I apologize for my absence. The last post here was 2/17/11--2 days before I had a big car accident (flipped my Jeep in bad weather conditions, crawled out the passenger side window and still tried to get to a scheduled book signing--those of you who follow me on FB or Twitter know all that, though).

In my time away from here I've been writing (book 4!!!) and doing a lot of thinking. A lot of thinking. But enough about all that! It's Tuesday and it seems I should do a TEASER TUESDAY post.

So. BARGAINS AND BETRAYALS hits bookstores nationwide on August 16. It's the first book in which a character other than Jessie speaks his mind and shares with readers HIS POV. It was scary for me to write (at first) but I've come to love him even more since being so firmly wedged within his head. I won't tell you which guy's POV this is in, maybe you should guess... But this is a small bit of Chapter Eleven in BARGAINS AND BETRAYALS.

"Any advice?" Pietr asked me.

"Da. Tell me to turn the car around."

"I can't do that."

"I do not think you know what you're getting into, little brother," I whispered, reaching across to open the glove box.

Pietr barely twitched when I pulled out the gun. "If they find that on you--"

"I guess we're both taking some risks." I popped out the gun's clip, slid my finger along the slot windowing the rounds, spinning each a quarter turn, reassuring myself. This was all about things going smoothly. I chambered the first round. "They'll want a show. Things will get bloody."

From the corners of my eyes I noticed the way his Adam's apple slid in his throat as he swallowed, taking in my words. Nervous. If I noticed, they might notice, too.

It would be like blood in the water.

Okay, so there's my teaser. Hope you--umm--enjoyed it? B&B is available for pre-order at a bunch of places already and I'd LOVE it if you decided to pre-order it ESPECIALLY through your local independent bookstore. :) There will be two more books in the 13 to Life series, bringing us to a total of five for this, my debut series.

AND, we're being carried in Turkey, Hungary, Brazil, France, Germany, the UK and Canada.

AND, we have some cool merchandise for those of you who are fans and want to show your love--check out this site:

One last thing... This will probably be my last full post here since the site has a blog (which will be updated with this post later today). I encourage you to join me there for fun activities, an occasional newsletter and the blog. *HUGS*

Take care!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blogger Prize Packs Are Back!

Those of you who met me at RT Booklovers Convention or RWA or BEA know that I love to give bloggers little 13 to Life-related prize packs that you--the bloggers--can then use on your site to reward your readers and fans.

Well, it's been a while but I'm starting that back up. And this time you don't have to meet me in person (though I'm quite charming ;).

The picture shows what's included (2 signed bookmarks, a signed postcard, a signed mini poster, a glow-in-the-dark pin, a signed 3-cover postcard, 3 3-cover reminder cards.

What do you have to do to get a prize pack to share with your blog's supporters?

  1. Email me at: info ((AT)) shannondelany [[DOT]] com .
  2. Include in the header: Blogger Prize Pack Request
  3. Include in the email a link to your blog (your blog must have at least 100 followers to get a prize pack--unless you participated in my blog tour in the past, tell me either way, please).
  4. Include your physical address.
  5. Tell me how you'll disperse the prizes and approximately when (it may take a solid month for prizes to arrive so plan accordingly).
  6. Let me know if you need anything else from me--interview or whatever.
  7. Promise to remind me (either through email or Twitter) a day before you start giving away your prizes (and include a link) so I can try and support you.
  8. Be prepared to wait a solid month because shipping out here (and swag supplies) are crazy things.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Personalized Novels For Internationals!

That's right, Michele at The Green Toad has GRACIOUSLY decided to ship copies of my novels abroad. YES. Now my fabulous international fans can get personalized copies of my novels. :)

Go to this post and contact Michele through her email. AND--if you place your order and pay today (2/14) or tomorrow morning (the morning of 2/15) I can sign your copy at tomorrow night's book birthday party in Oneonta, NY (AND if you'd like, Pietr can sign tomorrow night, too). :)


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Secrets and Shadows is Nearly Here...UPDATES!


Secrets and Shadows
officially releases on 2/15 but reports have been coming in already about bookstores stocking and releasing copies early. Even has started shipping pre-ordered copies--I'm hoping that means people who ordered from them actually get it on release day...

Friday at The Voracious Reader in Larchmont, NY I got to do my first signing for Secrets and Shadows (and I still don't have my author copies yet--and neither does my editor!). So I got to pet the books, love 'em a little, sign and send them out but none were left to come home with me! I even signed some to be shipped to other states--yes, people had called in to get me to sign them there! I LOVE that!

Tuesday (2/15) is the Book Birthday Party at The Green Toad in Oneonta, NY (7pm). And this is the store where I do most (I guess I can't say all now, after The Voracious Reader, can I?) personalized copies. SO. If you can't meet me in person but you want copies of the 13 to Life novels personalized, contact The Green Toad. If you contact them before the 15th, Michele can get me to sign them the night of the party and may be able to ship them on the 16th...

Then Saturday (2/19 at 1pm) is the Book Release Party at Colgate Bookstore in Hamilton, NY. We'll kick the day off at 8am with a Red Cross Blood Drive (and participants get 20% their total bookstore purchase that day AND if you sign up in advance you'll be entered to win a special prize pack).

Sunday (2/20) at 1pm I'll be joining author Nancy Holzner (the Deadtown series) at Flights of Fantasy in Colonie (Albany, NY) for a signing and talk. Sunday the local NPR show Telling Tales also hosts an interview and reading with me.

Saturday 2/26 at 2pm I'll be in Ithaca at the Borders there talking about writing, publishing and my books (and signing them, of course).

Saturday 3/5 I'll be back in Albany at The Little Book House in Stuyvesant Plaza to chat and sign starting at 3pm.

There may be one last NY stop in nearly mid-March and then I do Lunacon, well--maybe? (Rye Brook, NY), Noobiecon (Utica, NY), BEA (NYC), TBF (Teen Book Festival in Rochester, NY), and RWA (NYC). During all that books 4 and 5 get written and revised.

Then Bargains and Betrayals releases 8/16/11 (it's already available for pre-order) and I do more touring/signing.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Can't Make a Signing? Get Novels Signed Anyhow!

Sure, sure, everyone wants to hang out with me at a signing or event (there are often things like cake or pizza or swag available, so who wouldn't?) but maybe the distance or timing just won't work for you to meet me in person and get your books signed by me.

Never fear!

I'm very excited to announce a partnership with The Green Toad Bookstore in Oneonta, NY which will allow readers who can't make it to any of my signings to still get novels in the 13 to Life series personalized!

At this moment we're still hashing out details for international fans, but US citizens can either call the store: 607-433-8898 or email the store at: michele [AT] greentoadbookstore (DOT) com. Shipping is a flat rate of $3 per book and you'll be able to get your book with 7-14 days of purchase (after the release date, of course).

Either way you make contact, be prepared to give your name, address, payment information, titles you're ordering and who you want the book made out to (and the proper spelling so I don't mess up!). IF there's special information you want me to know to better personalize the book(s) feel free to make those suggestions, too, and I will see what I can do. :)

If you want your books personalized by me, please, please contact the Green Toad now so I can sign your books on the 15th and Michele can ship them the next day.

I wish I could meet you all, but I'm glad I can at least give you another option for getting your books personalized. :)