Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pietr--The New Boy at Junction High

The newest addition to Junction High School, Pietr is one of five kids who enter school in late September--just in time for Homecoming. He immediately attracts the attention of most of the girls in his class (and at least one curious female teacher) but his attitude (and all the attention he keeps getting) only frustrate his guide, Jessica. Pietr quickly begins to exhibit strange qualities: a definitely carnivorous hunger (even for the cafeteria's "mystery meat"), an aversion to domesticated canines, a strength and agility that are surprising for his age (and vague disinterest in athletics). He also sports an odd birthmark (that he explains away as a traditional family tattoo). And those are just the beginnings of what makes Pietr appear to be more than an ordinary teen...

Is Pietr just a gifted (and hungry) teenage boy with a wacky birthmark, or is there an important clue to his past in the fact that he came from Farthington where there were recently strange and vicious wolf attacks?

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