Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1st Poll Closed--Jess is Going Stag! Hmm--Do Werewolves Like Stag? ;-)

So the popular vote came in and although it wasn't totally a landslide, it looks like Jessica is destined to go to Homecoming by herself and bump into the boys. So, if you're keeping up with "13 to Life" you may have noticed things are looking grim for poor Jess and her would-be guy Derek(if he's really would-be after all...).

And then there's Pietr. Poor Pietr waiting in the wings, but why and for what? Can he possibly be attracted to Jessica so soon--can there be love at first sight?--or is he just trying to get acclimated to a new school and she's a convenient person to start socializing with?

And just what is Derek's deal? Is he really back with Jenny or is there something else going on in the background...?

I hope you're all enjoying "13 to Life" so far--I'm really having fun writing it! Keep reading and voting in the polls!

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