Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Final TextNovel Scene

Today I visualized the final scene that I'll post for "13 to Life" at TextNovel on December 31. Many of you know how I'm writing organically (or "by the seat of my pants") and today, while shoveling snow (3 hours worth--that's why my first chapter for the day's not up yet--sorry =( ) I had a glimpse of the scene that will grant me a little bit of the resolution I need to give to readers for the TextNovel contest's end. Will that scene signal the end of Pietr, Jessica, Derek, Sarah, Amy and the rest? NOT BY A LONG SHOT. I know how things end for this book (and no, I haven't told ANYONE--ugh!).

Anyhow, I need to write what I owe my readers at today, so I'd better get to it. ;-)

Take care and stay warm!

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