Tuesday, December 9, 2008

If I Don't Have a New Section Each Day on TextNovel.com...

Okay, so here's the harsh face of my reality. I have satellite internet (yes, I live beyond the realm of cable) and right now--well the wind's howling like--like there's a werewolf standing outside my door singing up a storm (hmm--I'll bet I could use that almost literally in a story...;-).

Anyhow. I've gotten pretty good about posting a new section/chapter every day at Textnovel.com (and I intend to keep going at a decent clip) so if you see I've gone a day or two without posting, look up the weather for the northeast--I may be without satellite! Don't think I've decided to quit telling the "13 to Life" story, just know I'm voiceless for a little. ;-)

Ah, the wind's died down for now... Just thought you should know, just in case...

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