Friday, December 19, 2008

Keep the Votes Rolling In!

I REALLY appreciate everybody who has been voting on my behalf at've never networked as hard as I have for this "little werewolf novel." I had my doubts about it initially, but as it's evolved, it has really become a favorite pet project of mine (no pun intended--really ;-).

I've made phone calls, sent emails, tried to make "13 to Life" as interactive and easily consumable for visitors as possible (yes, you'll start to notice more layers of the story as certain facts and events come to light--the foreshadowing and other little literary devices I've worked in will start to evolve into big problems and interesting resolutions for our characters).

I like giving you a choice as you read--you can think about the subtext and search for clues and answers and red herrings or just (hopefully) enjoy the ride. And I'm loving watching your choices in the polls and having to bend my story and characters to meet your desires. It tests me in a great way. For me, this is a collaboration of the strangest sort. :-)

Thanks to all who have given it a "thumbs up" and followed loyally with subscriptions. And a special thanks to folks who took the time to leave a review (or a comment here). I know time's tight, but allowing me to see what you think is a tremendous gift (to any writer).

We're getting into that final push now with the holidays coming and I have to admit I'm still worried about my final place in this TextNovel contest due to the popular vote. So I need your help more than ever now--and your friends' and families' help, too. If you like "13 to Life" I need you to spread the word.

Snow's falling steadily here, so there's always the chance we'll lose satellite. But, for those of you who are totally caught up with the "13 to Life" chapters, don't worry--more's on the way and thanks to an article by Terri Windling you'll recognize even more symbolism and cross-cultural connections. Go ahead, check out that article--Windling is amazingly well-versed in folk and fairy tales and the depths of their meanings--you may spot some clues to future action there (check out paragraphs 3, 4, 5 and 7). Of course, there may also be red herrings...

Take care, stay warm and spread the word! Votes, subscriptions and reviews can help us win this thing--and get us that much closer to an "old school" book you can hold and flip the pages of. :-)

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