Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life is Great, but the Weather's Awful!

So. My husband is awesome (yes, Karl, go ahead--print this out and set it on your desk as a reminder "in writing" ;-). He gets home early because the school he's at had early dismissal thanks to the current winter storm warning and in that time between kids heading home and him heading home he's tweaked out an idea I had for a "13 to Life" book cover (you may see it in the upper right corner of my blog and at the beginning of my TextNovel preface at

Anyhow, I had my doubts when he told me how he was going to get Pietr on the cover--I've seen some really frightening trashy romance covers (not that I read those ;-) done with the same technology. But I love it. Absolutely. He really made my rough sketch come to life. Granted, we'll do some more minor tweaks before anything gets sent off to any place for printing--who knows where "13 to Life" will end up? So I'm keeping my options open and thinking ahead.

But check it out--What do you think?

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