Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sarah Luxom

Sarah Luxom is a girl whose past is being revealed in bits and pieces. We know she's "frikkin' angelic" according to her self-proclaimed best friend, Jessica, but we also know she's connected in some way to the accident on June 17th that changed Jessica's world forever. Sarah emerged from the accident with significant head trauma (has a modest scar, considering) and, according to Jessica had to relearn everything all over again. She's the gal with the golden vocabulary--always looking for the right words to say. But-- is she a pity-friend, a project, or really someone who has bonded with Jessica?

So what role did Sarah play in the accident? How deep does their friendship run--especially considering they both have feelings for Pietr, but Sarah admitted them first? Do girlfriends get to call dibbs on boys?

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