Thursday, December 25, 2008

Technical Difficulties at

Some of you may have noticed that the TextNovel site is having some technical issues. I've been assured by the founder (whom I contacted last night when I noticed and completely freaked out) that he's contacting the developers to get it fixed.

As a note, you can still scroll down on the main page and find the Editor's Picks where the links to "13 to Life" still are (and still seem to be working). Yesterday only one chapter got posted (sorry, my family came over and things were/are hectic).

I'll get one (or maybe two) chapters up today and hopefully get back in the swing of things on the 26th (although we're heading to Jersey for "2nd Christmas"--yes, we're like hobbits when it comes to the holidays ;-).

I hope you all are having wonderful holidays! Take care!

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