Friday, December 12, 2008

Thinking Homecoming Thoughts...

So, I'm wrapping up the Homecoming bonfire and game sections of "13 to Life" and getting ready to get everyone into the dance. Realizing this, I decided a general playlist was in order. Of course, as a writer, you never want to necessarily date your writing by referring too much to a particular time or event (unless you're writing a historical). So I thought about having the school give their deejay a pre-approved playlist (yes, kids, this DID--and sometimes still does happen).

I mentioned the idea to my husband, suggesting he help me throw together a brainstormed list. He had a better suggestion, though--"If you just have them do a theme--like 80s music--you know it's any time after the 80s."

And he's right. Man! So I'm brainstorming a playlist from the 80s that accentuates the angst and hints at future action and continues with some subtext. If I had more time, I'd...Hmm. I'm throwing together the poll--NOW. I don't expect a big number of votes, but I want to know from readers anyhow...


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