Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Watching the Song Poll's Time Run Out...

This is the tough part of writing interactively and letting other folks help decide parts of a character--or a story's destiny...

Last night I looked at the poll tracking public opinion for which song Pietr and Jessica should dance together to. It was tied up then--Why Can't This Be Love by Van Halen and Who Wants to Live Forever by Queen. I mentioned the fact to my husband and he just groaned.

I hadn't thought about a tiebreaker. And I can't tell you why any of the songs on the list are tremendously important in the area of foreshadowing, but a couple actually were placed there specifically because of that particular literary device. What? A literary device in a YA werewolf story? Heck yeah. I'm trying to hint at a major point without "showing my hand."

My husband was wondering how I could get around a tie in that poll (and he wasn't the only one because I even thought about closing the poll at "the right moment" figuring stuff would shift at some point--but I didn't because I PROMISED polls and interactive writing). Ugh. It's so much easier to just write what I want (but isn't the selfish path always the easy path?).

I began mentally searching for a path to take in case of a tie. Remember how I mentioned I'm writing this "organically?" Sometimes it feels more like writing "by the seat of my pants"--more on that later.

I brushed my teeth, picked up a how-to book to mindlessly flip through, got away from the radio (and the rambling 4 year old ;-). And it came to me. So I wrote the scene down. It's in my actual "13 to Life" doc, waiting for the poll to close in a tie. I wrote some more snippets, posted them and went to bed.

This morning after I checked my Facebook (what an addiction!) the poll wasn't tied anymore. Ugh. So.

So here's the deal. If the poll ties itself back up, then I'll use that scene I wrote last night. If it doesn't, I'll write the appropriate scene and post the other here as an alternate glimpse at the story. Either way, that's what interactive writing's about, right? And one of the strengths of the cellphone novel movement in Asia seems to be interactivity so why shouldn't we try and learn from that as well?

Have a great day! Keep reading and voting!
~Saoirse Redgrave

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