Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's the Big Deal about Homecoming?

So I was thinking about "13 to Life" and thought I should explain a little about the whole Homecoming experience. I grew up in such a small town that there was no football team--our jocks focused on soccer and wrestling. From what I recall of the one time I did attend Homecoming (I was in that clique that didn't buy into the whole jock-worship social strata)...

*there was a game (I think it was basketball for us, but, eh it was years ago)
*there was a parade which included the Homecoming Queen (and I'll bet we had a Homecoming King, too--we dared not have just a Queen--Who would keep her flighty moods in check? :-p)
*the parade had a bunch of floats which had been decorated by different school clubs and local organizations (I vaguely remember hearing arguments about the decorations and club members who'd become total slackers)
*at the end of the parade (which also highlighted the skills of our marching band) we had a bonfire (this, for me at least, was the coolest moment as I didn't go the dance with anyone of note--just friends)
*from what I recall, after the bonfire we walked across the road to the school and the dance

At the dance it was pretty much standard fare--at least one person crying in the bathroom, broken hearts and gossip aplenty and go-betweens by the dozen because none of us seemed capable of talking face-to-face with even the people we were dating (or wanting to date)--not at a dance!

I guess the big deal for us was it was the first big sports event of the school year--usually against a recognized rival. Blood was boiling, challenge was in the air and whether your team won or lost there was something glorious and primitive about going from game to bonfire to dance...

So, anyone got a better memory or story about Homecoming? What is it like where you live?


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