Friday, December 5, 2008

Where in the World is Junction?

The action in "13 to Life" centers around Junction High School and therefore, the town of Junction itself. Why Junction? A junction, as I'm sure you know, is a place where two things meet or join. These things could be railroads, highways, rivers, or, perhaps in our case--even lives.

So where is Junction? At the moment I'm not sure. Where would you like it to be? ;-) Doing a three minute Google search turned up eight different states in the US with names like Junction, Town of Junction, Junction City or City of Junction. For the curious, those 8 states I found quickly included: Georgia, Arkansas, Oregon, Utah, Kansas, Texas, Illinois and Colorado. Wow--there's also a Junction in Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, Missouri, Wisconsin and Washington. So there--have your pick :-). Junction High School could be in any of those states--or perhaps in none of them.

As a writer, I want to make readers feel at home in Junction. There will be people and places you'll probably recognize (at least they'll seem familiar) and yet, the world of "13 to Life" will be unique enough that hopefully you'd want to visit just to say you've been there.

For me, Junction is about 4 miles down the road in the nearby small town. There's a stoplight, a deli/grocery, a cafe/Italian restaurant, a hardware store that's perpetually going out of business, an Indian Museum (only open in summer), a florist, a dressmaker (fancy stuff), one hairdresser/barber, an auction house that calls itself a gallery, a bunch of small churches, a post office and a local library in a redone Victorian house. There are a gold and silver smith who live together and raise and sell llamas at the edge of town. Even the local elementary school (at that single stoplight) has a Girl's Entrance and Boy's Entrance from the old days. The local town also includes a butcher shop, 2 cemeteries (at either end of Main Street), an old out-of-business grocery store and an outdoor town pool. I drive through town nearly every day (often headed to a larger local college town where most folks do their business). These areas may seem sparse, but they give a writer rich stories just waiting to be told. They are America.

To me, Junction is America at its best and at its worst. So join me at Junction High School--and read and vote on "13 to Life."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting ilw's, interesting site here too...

This is the opposite of the type of junction you were looking for but the one we passed two months ago..
Death Valley Junction, CA...

thanks for linking too~!

Saoirse Redgrave said...


Thanks for the heads up about Death Valley Junction, CA--wouldn't that be a cool setting for a story! Hope it was as intriguing a location as it sounds.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting--greatly appreciated.