Friday, January 9, 2009

13 to Life: Body Count Rising

Today I revisited the necessity of another tertiary (at best) character's existence. This was a quick and easy decision. I needed to keep her to illustrate the "gah-gah-ness" (yes, I'm certain that's a word ;-) the girls feel over Pietr. BUT, she also had a name starting with "S" and we all know Sarah's a key part to this puzzle I've built, so having another chickadee around with a name like "Samantha" is a bit like breaking one of the cardinal rules involving names in writing (that being: don't confuse readers with similar names--or unreadable names).

So... Although I was initially going to give Izzy the axe, I decided to swap her out with Samantha's character (and that's another quick test you can do to see if a character has value--if they are easily switched out with a peer, they simply aren't distinct enough to keep). Why'd I decide to keep Izzy? Isabella? Because I think it's fun to have a gal in the mix (even relatively briefly) that could be considered a pale reflection of a wildly popular character. Oh, and yes, Izzy's going to smell great, too. ;-)

So I'll be tweaking some stuff on the TextNovel version of "13 to Life" (contest's technically over and a final decision should be well in the works, if not arrived at by this point, I'd think) so I feel I can fix a few things (although the TextNovel version will not be as complete as the manuscript I've got in front of me currently).

Have an AWESOME Friday (I will :-),

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