Sunday, January 11, 2009


So today, whenever I'm not shoveling snow or dealing with the obligations a place like ours requires, I'm going back through "13 to Life" and triple-checking words and word choice.

More tweaking!

I actually found I'd fallen into the trap of using a colloquialism! Heck, I didn't realize. I grew up with the term and never dreamed it was something that nobody outside of the region I grew up in would understand (without, ironically, the use of an online urban--my hometown being so far removed from the urban setting we can't even imagine urban--or slang dictionary).

Where I grew up (evidently) the term "dopic" was often used to refer to somebody who was clumsy, foolish or awkward. Very few people (or online dictionaries or even the mighty Spell Check--writers, don't trust it!) seem to know this definition. So.

Since I'm trying to keep Junction's location vague, I'd defeat my efforts by using a colloquialism found mainly in Lancaster County (and surrounding areas) of Pennsylvania. *sigh*

So, I need to replace the word. And perhaps others. All a part of editing.

Take care and stay warm!

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