Sunday, January 18, 2009


I know, I know, I haven't been here recently enough! I'm noticing more great countries checking in on my map--Did I mention Iran, Macedonia, Germany (I GREATLY enjoyed a trip to the southwestern region of your country--LOVED it!), Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Australia and the Philippines?

Thank you ALL for stopping by and checking out my little corner of the blogosphere.

So why haven't I been here posting as recently as I'd like? Well, part of it regards some exciting news I'm hoping to reveal to you all soon (I've been busy, busy, busy). We've also been up to our eyeballs in snow and farm-related work, so I've been constantly exhausted (which doesn't make for blog posts I'd want anyone to bother reading).

But--I have a firm--no, a really strong--first fifty plus pages of "13 to Life" ready to move forward. Readers (even those of you who have followed my work on will find it packed with new stuff. More drama, more weirdness--more angst. It feels so much more real to me now. Like--imagine my piece of as almost a screenplay version of the tale. What I'm completing now is the meaty novel version. And I'm jotting down bunches of notes for a sequel already, too... Like I said--busy, busy!

So when will YOU get to see those first 50?

If you're a member of my private writers' group (sign-up's at this page's bottom) you'll get to see them--and comment on them--later this week. If not... Well, that will depend (but I'll have to tell you more about that later).

I can't wait to share my news with you...

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