Friday, January 2, 2009

The List of Finalists was Sent Out

All Board members at have been sent a short list of 9 main contenders for the $1,000 prize (and possible publishing). Most come from the Most Popular Stories list, although there are a couple "dark horses."

Board members MAY NOT vote for their own works, and will be submitting ranked lists to the founder, Stan Soper, by Jan. 7. Stan makes the final decision on the winner.

I've made a chart so I can include comments, etc. and spots for the criteria Stan's looking for. Essentially including: literary quality/merit, marketing appeal,ability to be published as a novel, reflection of TextNovel's feel/tone (internet influence).

I'm not sure when the final decision will be made, the winner notified, or the announcement official. I expect we'll all see more about this on TextNovel's Blog site...

I'll keep you posted... ;-)

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