Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lots to Do Today...

Okay, so today I'm finishing my main revisions on approximately the first 50+ single-spaced pages of my "13 to Life" manuscript. Before midnight it needs to be sent a couple directions (and I'll see if one of those directions in to members of my private writers' group).

I also got waylaid by a couple of scenes and snippets yesterday that want to be written (one is from Pietr's perspective and might work for a contest I'm looking at). I like the idea of writing from Pietr's perspective, but very little of it will probably be viewed by the public. I believe it's important to keep Pietr's mind as "alien" to readers as I can.

I also want to attend an online "discussion" about heroes through "No Whine, Just Champagne"--a group led by Pat Bertram (a wonderfully friendly and bright woman who writes mystery/suspense). I like my heroes but I'm always open to learning what others believe makes a good hero, too.

And then there are the standard farm-related things I have to do (it's only 20 below with the windchill, so no big deal, right?)... Busy, busy...

Take care!

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