Monday, January 5, 2009

Moral Compass Speaking

I write for young people mainly. I believe firmly that there are certain examples we must set as a result. Pardons to my blog readers who are suffering through this post--I'll be back to wolves, werewolves, writing and "13 to Life" shortly. :-)

1.) An important point being to always take the moral high ground and objectively evaluate contest entries. Friends can't matter in contests (and I'm certain everyone has at least one friend they must "judge" in this situation). Publishing is cutthroat and as much as you may want a pal to win, you must examine the true purpose of the contest.

2.) Entries must be judged according to what was available (and in what format) at the very last moment of the contest, not what has recently been posted in attempts to better or complete the work.

3.) Judges should be thinking of current (and projected) trends in literature, publishing and the market and be open minded.

Of course, we haven't seen many examples of this behavior in the media recently--wouldn't it be great to start a trend that truly means something!

Now coming off of my soapbox...

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