Monday, January 26, 2009

Now on MySpace...

Hey gang!

I just (very recently) reactivated my MySpace space (that CAN'T sound like proper English...) and did a little pre-Spring Spring cleaning over there... If you're on MySpace, please consider this an invitation to prowl around my little site there and send a friend invite. I'd be VERY glad to see you there!

My MySpace Space

I'm still overhauling it and starting to look for friends (sadly I only have a handful at the moment--and I can't blame folks--nothing's been going on there for FOREVER...) but I'm working on working on it and would love it if you join me there, too. :-)


Happy Chinese New Year! We're in the Year of the Ox now (last year being Year of the Rat--my year ;-) so if you were born in 1961 or 1973 or 1985 or 1997 or now (obviously ;-) THIS is your year! Of course, I personally think any year can be your year if you work hard and keep a positive attitude, but hey! Happy New Year anyhow you oxen!

Have a great day!

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