Monday, January 26, 2009

Winner of the First-Ever Contest is "13 to Life!"

Wow. We did it. I have to say WE here, because any of you following this blog and my story "13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale" know that winning a contest of this magnitude always takes some teamwork and, in this case, my readers were an integral part of the process!

You guys have to be thanked for reading, reviewing, voting and participating in the polls--Your involvement kept me motivated and made me work to meet goals for all of us!

You inspired my writing time and again and pushed me to accept new ideas every time a poll closed and results were different than I expected. In short, MY READERS ROCK!

So--What's next? Well, a few new folks just joined our Private Writers' Group (sign-up form's at the page's bottom) and I'm still tweaking out the first five chapters as poll results and comments come in. Those chapters then go to my *ahem* agent. Ye-ah! AGENT! And I need a couple more things to send his way too. Than he works his magic and hopefully we start to hear from folks who want to read more... Meanwhile I'll be working like a madwoman to make sure everything's polished and ready to go.

And I hope you stick by me--You guys enabled me to get a start on this road, and the ride has JUST begun!

Thank you again, all my blog visitors, readers and subscribers for helping me get this far! I KNOW my Writers' Group members and the rest of you will help me make the most of this journey possible!

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