Friday, January 9, 2009

The Wonderful Weirdness of Writing by the Seat of My Pants--"Rock" On!

There's a wonderful weirdness to "writing by the seat of your pants." I was reminded of this fact at the beginning of December (and I'm sorry I didn't have time to blog about it then).

I had decided on the spelling of Pietr's name by then (obviously ;-) and then, as I was unpacking the last odds and ends from my trip to UWSP I found the stone I'd carried in my pocket as a worry stone. I try to take stuff with me when I can't take my husband or son--in Germany I took "Blue" a tiny sky blue bear that my son (then 2) wanted me to carry, to Wisconsin I took a bookmark my son made and this strange stone I'd purchased (I loved them so much I bought a whole strand of them at Bey's Rock Shop--but I buy in person when I can). It is a stone that I'd read somewhere meant "change." Man, how I wish I could find THAT resource now. :-)

Anyhow, my nearly forgotten worry stone was a Pietersite bead--a little bigger than an inch across (circular) and flat. On the tag that named it, though, it was spelled Pietrisite. I went: huh. It means change and it's basically the same spelling for a character of mine who just happens to be a werewolf. Double huh. So my husband(co-conspirator numero uno in crafting storylines ;-) and I thought Jess should carry the same worry stone--under her father's advice prior to the beginning of our story.

It actually allows me a fresh vehicle to pass along some additional information through and gives Jess an additional icebreaker to try with Pietr.

So we'd made this decision (but after the opening scene between Jess and Pietr, and "writing by the seat of your pants" means you can't just edit like crazy at every stage of the game). Then today I'm working on "13 to Life" (of course :) and I went prowling the internet for the resource that equated pietersite to "change."

Couldn't find it exactly, but I did find the following quotes:

"It is believed to hold the keys to the kingdom of heaven."

"This stone represents change and indicates a need to make changes in your present life."
"This beautiful chatoyant stone has been said to assist one in recognizing the beauty of the soul."
"A good choice for teenagers who feel they are unworthy."

To me, those are all cool and connect in to Pietr, Jess and the story at large. But then I also found this one link that just blew my mind.

Several people have compared "13 to Life" to the very popular "Twilight" series (which I do find quite flattering in many ways--most often the she's-made-it-big-and-has-license-to-write-whatever-she-wants way ;-). So when I stumbled (almost literally) onto this link, I read and gasped. Then I reread it and laughed. Yep, this artist has photographed pietersite, blown it up and named it "Crepuscule" which translates to "Twilight." What do I say to this? Bravo to Bruno Cupillard! I LOVE it. Please visit his site if only to pause and admire the slideshow on his main page (once again proving earth is beautiful).

So, I'd love to take this as: "13 to Life" will be as popular as "Twilight" but I'm too pessimistic. But I do think it's great and inspirational and funny--all at once. Life's like that, isn't it?

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