Friday, February 20, 2009

I Should Really be Shoveling...

Okay, so here's what life's amounted to at this moment for me--hubby and son watching a Looney Tunes movie in the other room, while I try to keep from strapping on my boots and getting started shoveling.

My "to do" list is really making me frazzled and I sometimes do this when the stress is getting to me--I totally fritter my time away.

So here's what I SHOULD be doing:

1.) Shoveling snow so I can get to the livestock at my bil's property,
2.) Making sure I'm ready (by obsessively tweaking my stuff) for the online discussion I'm heading at "Support Independent Publishers" thanks to author Pat Bertram (Pat rocks, btw)--Talking Textnovel and online publishing...
3.) Editing my final scene in "13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale." Hubby says it's perfect, but he's the hubby and thinks my cooking's good, too... ;-)
4.) Finishing the one scene that's still feeling just out of reach... It's like I can see Pietr and Jess in the right location, he starts to tell her this key info, but I just want to shout from the doorway, "Speak up, Pietr!"
5.) NOT gnawing on my computer screen because I'm anxious to hear back from my agent (who is anxious to hear back from his contacts, too)
6.) Marking on my calendar the dates I'm speaking at bookstores...
7.) Cutting my son's hair (hey, he's only almost 5--I can still cut it) so he looks tame enough to be videotaped drawing a name out of a hat for my first Writers' Group contest.
8.) Checking my email and updating my MySpace and trying to network and firming up my book 2 outline (since I've actually started writing book 2...)...

Okay. I'm putting on my socks and my boots. Better just start with number one...

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