Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Irony of Silver Bullets and Werewolves

I was just thinking about how very ironic the myth of the silver bullet taking down werewolves is.

Here are my abbreviated thoughts regarding this--

First, did you know that the whole silver bullet thingee showed up first in movies? I haven't found any resource (online or in text) that confirms silver bullets were effective against weres before their modified legends hit the "silver screen." Hmm. Silver screen. Oh! Fresh short story idea!

Secondly, think about how often the moon and moonlight are referred to poetically with allusions to silver. Heck, throw poem + silver + moon into Google and you get 490,000 links/references. The two terms are so closely linked! I find it highly ironic then that werewolves (who since werewolf movies first appeared on the silver screen) supposedly turn/change/transform/shift under a full moon's light and can be destroyed by a silver bullet. The concept of what makes us who we are also being the precise thing that truly destroys us, I guess...

Wht other ironies are involved with silver bullets and werewolves that you can think of? Are these the only ones?

Hmm...Still thinking (and doing laundry)...

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