Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Super Quick Update! :-)

I wanted to quickly apologize for not having my standard number of posts up here this week.

I'm thick in the midst of editing my full manuscript and I'm trying to be picky (which means I'm also trying to be very focused). I know an editor will still want changes, maybe many times over, and I'm totally cool with that because it's part of the process, but I'm also desperate to send out really good drafts so an editor doesn't have nearly as much to do or suggest I do. Hopefully my theory works...

I've sent the "full" (as is) to two of my friends (one ex-librarian, one published non-fiction author) to have them skim through it. Time is now "of the essence." I even gave them a crazy list of things to watch for and explained the same to my husband. He started cracking up, saying, "You're too smart. Most people are going to totally miss those details and that subtext." I shrugged. Of course, I take his compliments with a grain of salt--he loves me and people say crazy stuff when they love you. ;-)

I led a discussion over at "Help Support Independent Publishers" on Facebook Sunday. I was invited to cover the topics of online publishing and cell phone novels. I got quite a few interesting responses and had some neat comments to reply to, too. I hope I get the opportunity to lead more discussions or try some guest blogging. It's all so much fun!

Okay, okay--so much for this being super quick! I need to get back to writing and editing (don't expect to see my word count meter move much--it seems I cut as many words as I add). Oh, yeah. I need to feed my son, too. Rabid and ravenous little critter... ;-)

Take care!