Tuesday, March 3, 2009

13 to Life Update

I sent out the revised copy of "13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale" (the final chapter this morning) to my agent for review.

And the full has officially been requested... Maybe I mentioned that in an earlier post...

Two of my somewhat regular proofers had to bow out (one had vision issues and I wound up helping with her kids while she got her eyes checked--looks like everything will be fine, though; the other decided she really needed to do some work on her own stuff, eh, these things happen, right?). So I handed the full to some other folks I trust (and can get my hands on ;-) and got some great comments back.

So, as I continued a little tweaking, I was also totally grinning.

I had to pull back from sending the full to my private writers' group. If I'd gone through the whole signing of NDAs and such, I might have done it, but I haven't had time. I'd like to still send something their way again soon (and I keep promising myself I'll cut my son's hair so he can draw the name of the first contest winner out of the hat, but now he's coughing and sneezing and I'm thinking a haircut would look waaay funkier with all the twitching currently going on...).

Oooh. Friday the 13th is coming up... Maybe I could do it all then (well, the haircut and video drawing earlier, of course).

Meanwhile, I'm outlining book 2 (and writing snippets of it and book 3--the events of which I've gotten into a decent order). I'm going to really set Pietr, Jess and the others through their paces.

Wow. Still so much to do!

Hope you're all reading and writing fun stuff!

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