Thursday, March 26, 2009

Life is Strange

So last night I went out at 10:30pm to try and wrangle an AWOL lamb. An awkward game of flashlight tag ensued. I must get the lamb to sit down and read the rules of flashlight tag--she cheated blatantly several times, all the while yelling "bwaaabwaaaaa" which translates from lamb to coyote as "Hello all coyotes, here is a yummy evening snack! No, over HERE!"

I finally smartened up ;-) and opened the door to the other sheep, shining a light inside so the lamb could figure out which direction to head. Checked on my most recent addition and his mama (who was bleeding yesterday when we caught them both and got them in their pen). All seemed okay.

Then this morning I got an interesting not in my Facebook "friends" thingee. The message was from an LA producer asking about film/tv rights to "13 to Life." I shall resist the urge to "squeeeee" as it's not really in my nature, but--Whoa. Interesting at least...

I'm tempted to pinch myself, but I may bruise... And I keep reminding myself to be a realist. I mean, come on, how many times do deals with Hollywood come into fruition (or, seriously, work out)? So I'm putting him in touch with my agent (who is also working on something else big on my story's behalf--which I promise I'll tell you all more about once I can...). And again with the crossing of my fingers...

But for today--utterly mundane things (family's coming to visit so there's cleaning to be done *sigh*) and farm-related chores aplenty (when aren't there?).

And I keep getting new ideas for novels that I'm resigning myself to outline (in a fleshy outline way--oh, wait--they're Rubenesque outlines ;-) so I don't forget where I was going with what.

On that note, maybe I need to outline the rest of my day... ;-)

Have a great one!


Valerie the Storyteller said...

Your lamb sounds absoloutely adorable!

And an LA producer? That's sooo exciting!

I'm dying to know what that "big thing on your story's behalf" is. You can't just throw something like that out and then say you can't tell us yet. ARRG!

Anyway, best wishes on your novel!

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Thanks for stopping by Valerie! The lambs are pretty cute (and troublesome--sooo troublesome ;-).

And right now the producer (a really nice guy with--I'm sure--a terrific future ahead of him) is having to sort of cool his heels (and make other exciting deals) because... Well... I'M NOT ALLOWED TO SAY YET BECAUSE NOTHING'S WRITTEN IN STONE!

Oh, Valerie, believe me, if I could, I'd tell you all what's going on in my little corner of the world. I really wish I could. Soon I hope. I've been emailed that something pretty cool is supposed to happen tomorrow... I'm hoping so.

Thanks SO much for stopping in and commenting!