Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Odds and Ends

I've been doing a little "odds and ends" type stuff recently (too twitchy waiting on some news to do too much--don't want to head off in the wrong direction or get too far ahead of myself, you know).

So, planting some seeds, doing other farm stuff, messing with my Twitter.com (which has been over capacity at almost every time I needed it NOT to be today, but the whale carried by birds is cute ;-). I'm also reviewing some old novel ideas (more towards high fantasy) I started ages back. I'm also working on articles for my South Korean publisher (they are so sweet and interesting to e-mail--I always learn something "talking" to them :-).

I marked my mother's birthday with some sorrowful speculation (I still miss her very much) and then dealt with the births of baby lambs and my son's birthday party (McDonald's Playland) two days later. It is never a dull moment out here.

I finally got back to answering some folks in email--seems like a few people really want to know what tips I'd give folks participating in Textnovel.com's current contest. I'll post the tips here after I've given the people who had the hutzpah to hunt me down enough time to try and put them to use. I'm a big believer in letting people who work to get an edge have the edge for a little while.

Sounds like I'll be hosting some other paranormal writers here later this spring/summer. Stay tuned! Some talented and interesting folks will be stopping by! :-)

I'm hoping to be able to share some truly amazing news with all of you soon--life is amazing and full of great opportunities (remember that when you're frustrated--BELIEVE it).

Oh! On Twitter I'm AuthorSaoirse_R for those of you who are Twitterpated. ;-)

I hope you all are well and writing and reading!

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