Friday, March 6, 2009

Perspective and Point of View

For those of you following "13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale" you recognize that the story is related from Jessica Gillmansen's point of view (POV), so the experiences are all from her perspective.

I had never written from first person POV before (at least not that I recall) but Jess is so quirky and loaded with troubles of her own it seemed somehow natural. When I was considering this to be a paranormal "romance" (which in ways it definitely is) I had to consider the traditional trick of perspective or POV switches. If I'd done that, you would have read things from Jess's POV and things from Pietr's POV, sometimes different scenes, sometimes overlapping.

But Pietr's a werewolf (okay, if you haven't figured that out, sorry but it seems pretty obvious so I think I'm fine with not worrying that was a spoiler...). To me, this means his POV needs to be excluded. He's not an alien in the common sense of the word, but his POV is alien. Not only because of the werewolf thing, but also because he's male. I want readers to relate to him, like, him, love him (a little lust is okay too ;-) and be frustrated ith him the same way Jess is.

But understand him?


Not too easily, at least.

Pietr's one of my mysterious Russian souls and will (hopefully) be loved and admired, but, because most of us aren't werewolves, or of Russian descent, or male (although, who knows?) he doesn't need to be understood.

I think one of the great powers of humanity is our capability to love unconditionally without understanding why.

That's why you won't see Pietr's POV in the novel. I adore him, but don't claim to understand him (which definitely keeps things exciting as I write). Oh, and yes, I did write a scene in Pietr's POV, but I wasn't thrilled with it. It was like Pietr was speaking, but behind a glass wall (and my hearing's not what it used to be).

Perhaps I'll share it later anyhow.

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