Thursday, April 2, 2009

Advice to Writers

Here it is, my advice to writers...

Do something else!

WHAT?! How dare I? Where do I get off saying that writers should give up their dreams of adding to the colorful and imaginative literary stacks lining library and bookstore shelves--wait, wait! I didn't say STOP WRITING. I'd never say GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS (okay, okay "never say never" and all that--kidding! ;-).

What I want writers to do is not only write, but also follow one of their other passions (or if not a real passion, at least a decent pastime).

Let me say that if I didn't have other things keeping me busy, waiting for news about my story "13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale" would make me totally nuts.

Writers need balance (and yes, although it's great to try balancing several writing projects at once, it's all still writing and YES, I LOVE writing). I don't just write (although I can be vaguely obsessive about writing when I need to--or when an idea wallops me).

I deal with a farmstead. I chase wayward lambs and tend to their sometimes frustrating mamas. I plant, I harvest, I do art. I read. I bake things (too many cookies, probably ;-). I have a 5 year old son and a husband of more than a dozen years. And I try really hard to be "in the moment." I have lots of things in my life to keep me busy so I don't totally freak out.

And even when things seem to be going slower than I wish they might, I remember I'm darned lucky. The phrase "count your blessings" comes to mind. I KNOW I'm fortunate. I KNOW things will work out and that along the way there are many lessons I have to learn. I'm cool with that.

My background's in education--learning is part of my whole deal. Learning is life to me. So, even when I'm waiting on news (news I hope to share with readers and members of my Writers' Group) I'm learning that "patience is a virtue." ;-) And yeah, I'm cool with that life lesson, too.

Writers--don't just write and read--find other passions, too. Explore things that will get your head in the clouds and keep those feet pretty close to the ground. That exploration will not only be good for your soul and your sanity--it'll also improve the quality of your writing.

Take care--hope to deliver good news to you all soon...


Georgie K. Buttons said...

So true.

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Yeah, it's just one of those things I think about when I get frustrated, I seriously have no major reasons to be frustrated as long as I look at what I DO have and all the things that help enrich my life (and, in turn, enrich my writing).

But balance! Must have it. :-)

Thanks for stopping in again,

Dee Martin said...

Sometimes when I finish something I have to walk away from it and do something - anything else.