Saturday, April 18, 2009

Farm and Book Fare ;-)

I've been busy with farming recently--we're up to 7 lambs and it looks like we're buying a pregnant Icelandic ewe from a place out near Buffalo (about a three hour drive). Other than that we've gotten a bunch of Tolouse geese (as a pal of mine says "land sharks" ;-), redone some fencing, bought some ducklings (freakishly cute), and started the heavy work of a driveway retaining wall, a bunch of raised bed gardens and planting of more trees. Whew!

I've also been reading a bunch! I flew through Alyson Noel's "Evermore" (I definitely recommend it--a great take on some of the issues of immortality, reincarnation and Summerland). I also read "Vamped" by (careful--her site's beautiful but a real memory hog due to gorgeous graphics) Lucienne Diver (another one I recommend--fast-paced, sharp narration, "Sex in the City" meets "Buffy"--totally different from the other vampire-related stuff I've recently read). And I consumed "Betrayed" by PC Cast and her daughter Kristen (also a great read--I like it even better than the first one, and it can be read without the first in case you can't get "Marked").

I plan on hopping over to and doing some reading there and making recommendations, too... Maybe when the rain hits today... I also have writing to do (jotted down some ideas for new books recently)--some more articles for my South Korean publisher and chunks of book 2. I figure as long as I chunk book 2 in chronological order no matter what revision notes I get on book 1 (which I'm SO anxious for it's making me NUTS) I can work it out with book 2.

So--I'm hoping all of you are doing well and full of creativity! Read some of the stuff I've read recently ("Vamped" will be a great beach book, btw) and take care!

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