Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Great Werewolf Book

I'm back in research mode and thinking about freebies to add to my official website (being built soon) and so I'm trying to acquaint myself with a TON of werewolf resources--which also helps with what Jess will do in book 2. What?! Book 2? Yes. Even before book 1 is out we know it'll be joined by a book 2 and a book 3 in good time. Yes, I'm a happy, happy gal. I can give you more details later--right now I'm waiting on a final bit of paperwork and then I'll tell you all a BUNCH more.

I have to say--I am SUPER excited to be working with who I will be and being in the company I will be. And I am not one who often gets super-excited. Super-inspired, yes. Super-tired, sometimes. But super-excited? NOW! :D

So... What book am I recommending for curious werewolf readers?

"The Werewolf in Lore and Legend" by Montague Summers (published by Dover as an unabridged reprint of Monty's 1933 treatise on werewolves). It's written in the accepted language of the educated 1930s--so it's scholarly, has bunches of stuff in foreign languages (without translation) and may feel "dry" to modern readers. BUT. If you're waaay into werewolves and language and origins of the myths, legends and their locations, this is a great read to be sucked into. My copy's already getting marked up!

ALSO--PLEASE NOTE: Although the live event of ended yesterday, they still have gobs of great books on ebay (linked through the PBB site) that are being auctioned off to help raise money for one woman's fight against cancer. Not only can you get great books (many signed) but you know the money goes to a great cause. Please check it out.

Take care and do something good for somebody today!

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