Sunday, April 19, 2009

Story Casting--Who Would YOU Cast in a Movie of "13 to Life?"

Okay, so thanks to the intrepid and talented Jeff Reid of Story Casting, "13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale" has been put up on their website (just the cover we did and the summary). I'm quite flattered (and, as always, curious to see what people think).

So, first, a big "Thank you" to Mr. Reid and a quick request to readers of "13 to Life"--

Who would you cast as the lead characters in "13 to Life"? Frankly, I'm at a loss (I was bemoaning my lack of cool factor to 2 members of my writing group today, realizing the actors I know of are waaay too old for the principle parts).

So--I need YOUR help! Those of you who've read "13 to Life: A Werewolf's Tale" have a decent clue about the characters (although a gob more of them were added to the actual novel). Who do you think would make a smart but troubled Jess? A smoldering and brooding Pietr? What about Sarah and Amy, "Weird Wanda," Counselor Maloy, Counselor Harnek, Jess's Dad, Max, Alexei, Catherine and Annabelle Lee? And--we can't forget to cast Derek, Macie and Jenny... Wow, my head's spinning just thinking about them all (and that only includes most of the characters YOU know about--not the big drama I had to keep for the novel itself)...

Please, please, please, hop on over to Story Casting, sign in (it's free) and do a quick search for "13 to Life." Then start putting in your choices. I'll be getting a special author's account to cast my selections, but--MAN! I need some of your opinions first.

Hope you check it out--


Georgie K. Buttons said...

To be perfectly honest, I think Taylor Lautner would make a great Pietr. As for Jess, I think I could do a good job. I love acting, and I loved "performing" the part of Jess in my mind. However, I'm not 13. Dang it. :) Lol.

Hm. What's her name on Wizards of Waverly Place could be someone, but I don't like her acting in general. Her look might fit though, as one of Pietr's siblings perhaps.

So happy for you! You've got a great talent, and you deserve all of the great stuff you're getting. :D :D :D

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Taylor's definitely a neat looking guy. :D I could see him as Pietr. And the chick from WoWP--is that Selena Gomez? She'd be a pretty Catherine (I only saw a clip of her in the show once and that was in 2007 so she's probably grown as an actress since then). ;-)

You may not realize how flattering it is when you (even being beyond Jess's written age) say you loved performing the part of Jess in your mind--to a writer, that's absolutely awesome. It means (at least to me) that Jess really does have a voice people can relate to. That's inspiring to me. :)

Thank you SO much for the support (and kind words :).

I only recently got off the phone with my editor (I just love typing those words--"my editor" *sigh*) and it sounds like the things he's suggesting for revisions are absolutely reasonable (and not too overwhelming, either) so I'm psyched! I want to wade into the story and tweak it out and get it officially on the publishing schedule... I want to get into the heart of book 2--make some travel plans and set up for eventual book signings and all those things other writers say they dread...

And I want other writers--young talents like YOU--to have opportunities to express themselves in print, too. I'm glad you're doing the poem-a-day --you're a braver woman than I'll ever be. ;-)