Thursday, May 28, 2009

BlogTour, BlogTour, Tra La La La La! :-)

Gas prices are on the rise again (I'm sure there's a legitimate reason--oh, wait, that's right, it's tough to recognize sarcasm online--well, that was it, btw ;-) and since fewer authors are getting to do physical book tours and signings, the popularity of blog tours and blog carnivals (don't ask me what this one will actually be, with me at the helm it's probably a blog circus ;-) is on the rise. So, being a sucker for what the popular kids are doing (huh, does "popular" actually seem fitting for blogs?--of course it does ;-) I decided to give a BlogTour a try.

And guess what? I scored some really cool guests! So, starting Thursday June 18 and running every Thursday through Saturday through the end of August (God, computer and internet willing) I will have interviews with paranormal authors, writing and creativity coaches and at least one real live witch (yeah, about a decade or so ago THAT would have raised eyebrows ;-). They will be interviewed, some will guest blog (the control freak inside of me cringes at the thought except all these folks are REALLY great) and everyone will give links to their stuff--there may even be prizes!

So, come back tomorrow to see who is on the BlogTour schedule and consider checking their stuff out in advance so you can ask them questions--about their work, their motivation, the process of getting published... You name it!

Hope you visit, delurk and bring some pals and comments!

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