Friday, May 1, 2009


Today I'm working through my revisions from my editor. I started work on them when the package first arrived. Well, not exactly. I skimmed through them when the package first arrived and was stunned at what I didn't see. I expected huge and blaring red lines and words like "Utter crap!" or "Suck-o!" Why? Because, throughout this whole weird adventure I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop--or the first one, I guess. So I spent a day ruffling pages while I swear a part of my brain was saying: "He'll realize he sent you the wrong copy soon."

Because, when there were only a handful of things I needed to consider and the main revisions were clipping words like: just, even, really, totally (and a couple suddenlies--and I swear I looked for them specifically) I was stunned. S-T-U-N-N-E-D. To the point of paranoia. Not that I doubt my editor's abilities--No. Not at all. But I started wondering if maybe he missed some stuff.

But, really, he didn't. So I dealt with the line edits and right now I'm thinking about book 2 and 3 and trying to make sure I have the hooks I need in book 1 to directly relate to book 2. I'm getting there. I'm just squabbling with the story a smidge right now. See, there's this little scene I want to include, but the timeline's not making it easy. Ugh. So I'm re-re-re-reviewing.

Hope you all are pleasantly surprised by things in your writing life, too!

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