Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Writer's To-Do List

Okay, so this week:

  1. Finish my book 1 edits and revisions (the line edits are done, so I'm just inserting a few things).
  2. Send my edits and revisions to my editor (and worry and stress until he gets back to me ;-).
  3. Update my blogs.
  4. Get a domain name that works for my future website (my webmaster's already working on a simple but slick Flash opening).
  5. Get over to and get things started there (just got my author's account--thanks Holly and Jeff! :-).
  6. Get back to MySpace and FaceBook.
  7. Reassess my book 2 chronology and psych notes (thanks George!).
  8. Send a list of wanted book blurbs to my editor (names have been rolling around in my head for a while now, but I want to get this right...)
  9. Work on my Author Questionnaire for the publicity department.
  10. Confirm a speaking engagement date...
  11. Collapse into a heap. ;-)
And this is just the stuff that happens after the book's technically "written" and before it's published...

AND--we'll have a guest blogger on May 21, so I need to be ready for that... :D

Hope your week's as rewardingly busy as mine!

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