Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whoa Boy...

Okay, I know I said I hope you all support . And I still hope you do--very much. It's for a very worthy cause (and as you learn more about me and my writing you'll learn that names in my stories (more often than not) have a meaning of their own so for me to give the rights to naming (and describing) two characters in my second novel to a winning bidder is a big deal for this control freak). My editor would probably cry seeing my use of parentheses there, btw... Anyhow--

But let me be clear--I didn't choose (or even suggest) the opening bid price for what I'm offering.

I find it VERY flattering that my starting bid is marked to begin at $200, but in my opinion Terri Blackstock and Jerry Jenkins (and some other well known participants) probably deserve those sorts of numbers--not me with my debut series. I was guessing there'd be a $2 starting bid (or something similar) for me but I didn't ask (note to self: ask more questions, newbie!).

So--if you want to donate $200 (or more) to Operation Joy (and I hope you do and that you can) go ahead, bid on what I'm offering. I promise to be suitably impressed (of course I'm impressed with anyone who helps out their fellow man--or woman ;-). But please don't think a swollen ego has inspired me to suggest such numbers for myself.

Wrapping up--bid on if you can afford to. Help out needy families and get something cool in return. But realize the authors I'm participating with have some great pedigrees-- they do some amazing stuff. I'm still proving myself and won't take it hard if no one in this economy has the moolah to put behind my offering's current starting bid.

But I do ask that if you don't (or can't) bid on naming the horse and rider in book 2 that you instead do something good for someone else this week. Step out in kindness and give what you can to someone who needs it more than you do.

Thanks, gang!

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