Monday, June 29, 2009

Author Update: Saoirse Redgrave

Yep. I figured since I'm covering so many other great authors I better pause and mention something that I just heard about related to me. ;-) My editor has just informed me that my publisher wants to put me on the 6 month program! What? Basically what this means is that instead of releasing one book per year, my publisher wants us set to release a new book every six months! To me, this is great--BIG--news!

What this also means is that I have to get book 2 out PRONTO! I'm at 12,507 words in book 2 right now, the whole things outlined and a bunch of key scenes are written. But aaaaaaaargh! ;-) I am a slow typist. And there's so much I'm trying to do (the Dog Days of Summer BlogTour for one). So, pardon me if I freak out a little bit. I may not be Twittering quite as much, and I may not be on Facebook as often. But I'm going to make this thing work. It's a fabulous opportunity and I'm thrilled to be able to open the door it's knocking on.

I appreciate all your support, I will try to keep up here with the blog (I like feeling like I'm in touch with you all) and I have things almost set for the private writer's group to get a fresh sneak peek at the story.

I hope you all are doing well, writing, reading and enjoying!

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