Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bag o' Swag: Prize Pack #1 for Eva Gordon's Visit

Okay, okay. I'm exhausted already and we have--what?--eight more fabulous Dog Days of Summer BlogTour guests (not including two more great days with Eva Gordon of Wolf Maiden Chronicles). I'll cope. ;-) I'm learning a lot!

I'd like to start by saying THANK YOU (not only to Eva but also to those of you who commented already and helped to make her feel welcomed). It's not an easy thing being interviewed and peered at curiously by folks popping onto somebody's blog, and comments help make everyone feel more a part of this. So a BIG THANK YOU to the folks who have already breezed in, checked stuff out and dropped Eva a line.

Part of the reason I asked Eva (and the upcoming guests) here was so they get a smidge more coverage for their books, sure, but I also hope those of you lurking around decide to pop out of the shadows and say hi to Eva, too. She knows lots about a wide variety of subjects and you have the opportunity to ask her pretty much whatever. So, if you have questions or want to share a thought, please do. I want everyone to feel like part of the family here and be able to get something from stuff like BlogTours. So don't miss an opportunity to chat with Eva. :-)

Now... To the Bag of Swag. I've selected things I feel are quite suitable considering Eva, her subject and lifestyle. I want to award these prizes to somebody who is enjoying Eva's interview, etc.
The swag includes: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (because finally we get into the werewolf lore of the Twilight saga in this book), On What Grounds: A Coffee House Mystery by Cleo Coyle (mmm--a coffee reference in a witty title), Dances with Wolves DVD (if you haven't seen this movie--you young'uns lurking about--this is arguably Kevin Costner at his best and there is the word "wolves" in the title ;-), a dark chocolate horse shoe (real, good, locally crafted dark chocolate by Laura's Chocolates) and stickers of horses (because I know enough about Eva to know that she rides and has an appreciation for equines--and because stickers are just fun ;-).

How do you win this prize pack of two free books, a free DVD, free stickers and *yum* free chocolate? Come back tomorrow. Read Eva Gordon's excerpt from her exciting recent release Werewolf Sanctuary and make a meaningful comment (something that shows you read the excerpt, maybe the interview or glanced at her workspace.

Tah-dah--that's it. Then I do the roll of the dice thing (family of gamers, so it doesn't matter how many or how few of you there are--we have a die for it ;-) once Eva's last post goes up on Saturday. As soon as I have a winner, I'll edit Eva's Saturday post to include that announcement. The winner needs to contact me (and be in the US, please) so I have a physical address to ship prizes to. That's it. That's all. It probably took longer to type the process than it will to do it. *sigh*

So--tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya' tomorrow... Take care, folks, and dream inspiring dreams (that you can jot down into your dream journal and then incorporate into a story that will go on to be well-crafted, well-edited and well-loved ;-).


Eva Gordon said...

Hmm. Yumm, chocolate horse shoe and yummy Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves.

Lindsay Townsend said...

I love Dances with Wolves! Great movie!
The chocolate horse shoe sounds nice, too.

Lots of luck, Eva! Best wishes, Lindsay

Gail said...

I've read the book and loved it.
My review is here:

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Yes, Gail, as I was doing some additional research on Eva's books, I came across your review--nicely done! :-)

I'll hop over to the "what people are saying about Werewolf Sanctuary" post and insert a link there. Thanks a bunch!