Friday, June 26, 2009

Bag of Swag: Prize Pack 2 for Random Commenter Contest

Because Dara England is an author of "sweet" romance, I thought few things are sweeter than chocolate. Toblerone--for those of you who don't know---is Swiss chocolate, this one is their milk chocolate loaded with honey and bits of almond nougat--trust me, it's nearly as delicious as Dara's debut!

The pack also includes the novel Earth Colors by Sarah Andrews (a bit of a mystery) and the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, Dead Until Dark. This novel (and the others that followed it) were the inspiration for the tremendously popular "True Blood" series on HBO (now in its second season and going strong!).

Wanna win? Stop lurking about ;-) and read Dara England's interview, glance at her photos and check out the excerpt from her debut novel, Brought to Life (posting around noon EST). Then leave a comment--something meaningful that shows you looked around--following the book excerpt.

Last week's winner was Susan Coffee of Texas, this week it could be you! You'll have until 5:30pm SUNDAY (because my post didn't pop up at the right time--sorry) to enter. Once again: You have until 5pm SUNDAY to enter a meaningful comment under Dara's book excerpt to be entered in the random dice roll. A winner is determined by the roll of the dice, their name will be posted following the other comments (after the book excerpt). The winner then just needs to email me their physical address and I'll ship out their prize!

So, get ready to read and comment--it enters you to win a sweet selection of prizes! :-)

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