Monday, June 29, 2009

Book 2 Update

I'm at 13,593 words this morning on book 2, tentatively entitled 13 to life: Shades of Truth, and reduced to typing (even more slowly) with my left hand because my right's hurting like the devil because of new, smaller keyboard, lots of picture taking and weeding yesterday and my unfortunate dependence on it. I used to be far more ambidextrous than I currently am, but I haven't been practicing recently. So, last night, as I was hurting, I suggested to my husband that we get Dragon Naturally Speaking, a speech to text program.

We'll be making calls when the stores around here open today. It'll probably set me back a couple hundred dollars, but it sounds like I'll want a few more purchases like that before taxes anyhow...

I'll be updating word count here daily--at least until I can find a new word count meter since the one I loved so much is dead. *sigh*

Hope all of you are doing well--reading, writing and making your goals!

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