Friday, June 26, 2009

Dog Days of Summer: Dara England's Book Excerpt

Dara England, author of Brought to Life, joined us yesterday for an introduction and to share a couple photos, of her writer's workspace and her favorite book shelf. Today we're lucky enough to have an excerpt from Dara's debut novel, a sweet paranormal romance. *Following the excerpt you'll see what you need to do to enter our random commenter contest and score some sweet prizes! Last week's winner was Susan Coffee of Texas--perhaps this week you'll walk away with our Bag o' Swag!

None of the onlookers were making a move to help. Megan shoved her way through the crowd to reach the still figure sprawled across the pavement. Kneeling at his side, she noted in a glance that he still breathed. There was little blood except for a thin stream trickling from his face, which was turned down toward the pavement.

"Someone call an ambulance," Megan shouted at the staring crowd. "He needs to get to a hospital."

"I tell you it was like he just appeared," repeated the driver, coming to stand over her. Megan ignored him.

In the background someone was speaking into a cell phone, presumably to an emergency operator. "…the intersection of Fairmont and Main," the woman was saying. "A man’s been hit by a car. I think he’s dead."

He wasn’t dead. Already he was stirring and making slight moaning sounds. Megan didn’t dare move him for fear of injuring him worse. Instead she twisted around and lay so that her face rested on the pavement, level with his. "It’s all right," she soothed. "Don’t try to move. Help is on the—"

Catching her first glimpse into the face of the injured man she cut off mid-sentence. There was something incredibly familiar about him. Those impossibly gorgeous eyes, the sharp cleft in his chin, and his hair. She’d once read someplace where someone’s hair was described as the shade of sun-ripened wheat. For some reason that seemed to suit this man.

His emerald colored eyes were wide open. Even in his apparent pain she could read no fear in them. Instead his gaze was fixed steadily, confidently, on her. The expectancy in that look sent an odd feeling through Megan. For a moment she had the weird sense that he somehow knew and trusted her better than she knew or trusted herself.

She cleared her throat of a sudden dryness. "You're gonna be okay," she said for want of a better reassurance.

He mumbled something back, but it was hard to make out. It might have been, "I know." Then his eyes closed and he went limp.

Buy the book here and read more about the mystery man and Megan!

Remember to come back tomorrow to see what Dara has to say about the writing and publishing process and she'll share some author promotion tips for writers on a shoestring budget!

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I'm not really into "romance" books, but after reading that excerpt I'm very interested in reading the rest of this novel! I had to go and read the rest of Dara's feature here for a few more details on the book!

Thanks for introducing her work to me!

Saoirse Redgrave said...

Congratulations to S. Suzuki for winning this week's Bag o' Swag! Send me your physical address (to my email saoirse @ 13tolife DOT us (removing the spaces and replacing the DOT with a . ) and I'll ship out your prizes! Thanks for stopping in and commenting in the right spot. ;-)