Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dog Days of Summer: Dara's Promotions on a Shoestring Budget

We've been lucky to spend some time with the very busy Dara England, author of the sweet paranormal romance Brought to Life (from Lyrical Press). Before we wish Dara a fond farewell (and lots of great luck on her writing career), Dara was happy to share some tips for authors who only have a shoestring budget with which to promote their books.

Sound like one of the mountains you're facing? With these handy tips Dara happily shared, you can help turn that mountain into a molehill. ;-)

Dara says:

Thus far I’ve gone for an inexpensive approach, since my budget is fairly limited. I’m going to share a brief outline of my efforts in the hope it’ll be useful for others who are wondering how to promote their book on a tiny budget.

1. Chip in. Don’t have enough money to take out an ad in a large magazine? Neither did I. I went in with a handful of other Lyrical Press authors to place an ad combining all of our books in the Romantic Times.

2. Strike deals. I couldn’t afford to do a lot of online advertising. Luckily, lots of review sites are willing to work with you on things like this. I moderate live chats about once a month at a popular romance review site in exchange for free ad placement.

3. Get bang for your buck. When you do decide to shell out a few dollars for online ads, shop around. I picked out a small handful of sites that got a large number of hits and yet had good prices on well-placed ads.

4. Hit the virtual tour circuit. I don’t mean just blogging about your new release on your own blog; form connections, get active in forums, social networks, etc. Before you know it, people will be inviting you to guest blog, participate in interviews, enter contests, and more. Go for as much of it as you have time for (just don’t let it take away from your writing). Also important: return the favor. It’s always a help when writers are willing to spread a little love about each other.

5. And finally, in the true spirit of promotion, I’m going to close by sharing a few comments from reviewers about my Brought to Life...

“Brought to Life is endearing in its ability to pull you in and convey that light, whimsical tone that Ms. England executes so well.”
--Ava from Dark Diva Reviews

“Brought to Life is a charming story with a fairy tale feel that you can’t help but finish reading with a smile and a wistful sigh on your lips.”
---Primrose from Long and Short Reviews

You've learned a lot about Dara this week, and I hope you've found her to be an inspiration--perhaps you've learned a little about yourself as you've come to know about her.

Now, if you'd like to get a copy of Brought to Life for yourself, pop on over to Lyrical Press's sales site and get your own. :-)

And--in just a moment the winner of this week's random comment contest will be named. The winner then just needs to send me their name and physical address by Thursday and I'll ship their loot! The winner's name will be posted here and will be included in the comments after Dara's book excerpt as well.

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Next week we'll be joined by Dehanna Bailee--author of science fiction, non-fiction and paranormal works, so stop back in starting next Thursday to learn more about another great author during our Dog Days of Summer BlogTour!

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