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Dog Days of Summer: Eva Gordon's Advice to Aspiring Authors

This will be our final post with the tremendous Eva Gordon.

I would like to thank Eva again--she's a fabulous lady and a great writer of werewolves!
I hope our time with Eva has provided us all with a little better insight into the world of a busy author, wife and mother.

Next Thursday we'll be joined by author Dara England (aka Carol Green) of Brought to Life.

I will be adding the name of our contest winner at the bottom of this post at noon (EST) today--I hope all of you that wanted a shot at it commented on yesterday's post (Eva's Werewolf Sanctuary Excerpt).

Now, back to Eva. :-)

As we know, Eva's background in science, and her time volunteering with wolves and other animals helps to lend a special quality to her novels. I asked her how the idea for her series Wolf Maiden Chronicles came to her and she said, "After volunteering at a wolf sanctuary and loving werewolf lore, I thought why not create a "werewolf universe"?

Aspiring authors--take a second and consider what you've done recently that can help color or strengthen your writing. This is the true heart of the old "write what you know" principle.

I created a lycan universe based on my knowledge of wolves, werewolf lore and ancient mythology. My alpha lycans are not under the control of the full moon but the betas are. The female lycans are sterile and the male alpha lycans can only mate with a woman marked with the lycan wolf paw, called a wolf maiden.

So, Eva, you came to the idea of werewolves based on your passions and prior experiences. Did you then have to do any research to write these novels?

Yes, especially for my ‘werehistoricals’. I have a collection of wolf, werewolf and mythological books, as well as historical non-fiction. I also research the web and haunt the libraries.

What do you feel are your strengths as an author?

My passion for wildlife biology, werewolf lore and my creative ability to come up with one novel after another.

All very necessary, especially since you have a very healthy-sized series you're crafting. :-)

How did you choose the publisher you're currently with?

I sent the usual query letter and let them choose me.

What do you like most about your publisher?

Vanilla Heart Publishing is very supportive. They make a pre-release video for their authors and sends fantastic press releases around the world. The book covers are excellent and VHP even designed tattoos of the mark of the wolf for book signing giveaways and contests.

I love the tattoos! Must have! :D

Eva writes five or six times a week, most days producing about 2,000 words a day. Background music, sweet smelling candles and hot coffee are all things that help get her into the mental state where she can truly relax into the writing.

Eva is doing a lot of promotional work with the launch of this series (for those of you who don't realize, both big and small publishers are looking more and more to authors to take the lead in promoting their work). What sorts of things does Eva have planned?

You name it. Radio, blogs, book signings and workshops on wolf and werewolf lore.

Eva also provided us with some helpful advice for authors:
Write and re-write, find a good critique partner and go to workshops to better your craft.

We leave you now with a quote a reader posted about Eva's book Werewolf Sanctuary (and a few handy links).

"Eva Gordon makes it easy to believe that Lycans really exist. Her background in science and her love of wildlife add a reality to her story that makes it truly convincing. She puts a new spin on werewolf mythology and has created a society that's detailed and well thought out. The characters are fully developed. Wyatt, the alpha male werewolf, is a delicious hero. The animalistic yet sensual love scenes between him and Madeline heat up the pages."

Find Eva's books:
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Order from a brick-and-mortar Bookstore with ISBN # 978193507300

Eva's Website
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Once again, Eva, thank you for helping us kick off our Dog Days of Summer BlogTour!

Take care folks!

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