Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dog Days of Summer: Eva Gordon's Writer's Workspace

Earlier today I introduced you to author Eva Gordon of the Wolf Maiden Chronicles and promised to give you a peek inside her writer's workspace.

Eva has all sorts of great and inspiring things around her writer's workspace--stuff that mirrors the magical, scientific and historical influences in her writing.

In her workspace Eva writes "five to six times a week," writing "...roughly 2,000 words per day."

I asked participants in the BlogTour to tell us all about their writing rituals--if they have any. I've learned from experience that sometimes a little thing here or there helps to let me sink into the writing frame of mind. Here's what Eva had to say when asked if there are things nearby that help her get into the mood to write:

Music as background for each scene, sweet smelling candles, and a hot brewed coffee.

I'm definitely agreed on the coffee and music combo!

Werewolf Sanctuary is an action packed romance between an alpha male lycan, and his wolf maiden. The first in a series titled, The Wolf Maiden Chronicles, each depicts historical romances between alpha Males and their human wolf maidens.

Since ancient times, the Lupercal Council has kept their people’s werewolf identity a well-guarded secret. Referring to their kind as lycans, they shift into a bear-sized wolf, bearing unique markings reminiscent of Maori or Celtic tattoos. The pack shifts during the full moon and are under the control of their alpha male leader. The alpha male and alpha female are not bound by the full moon and can shift at will. Lycans can only breed with their kind. The exception are the alpha males, which can only mate with human women known as wolf maidens, who bear the five-toed paw print or mark of the wolf on their left hip.

The story begins with Lupercal society in peril due to an unknown disease infecting their young offspring. The children who do survive the pestilence, shift too early into wolf cubs, lose their distinct markings, and end up becoming normal wolves, unaware of their human consciousness. Normally immune to most known diseases, the Lupercal has few of their own doctors and must seek the help of a human outsider to find the cure.

Eva explains her novels are "Rated R for sex and violence."

I also asked Eva what seperates her paranormal characters from others currently on the market and she pointed out that:

I created a lycan universe based on my knowledge of wolves, werewolf lore and ancient mythology. My alpha lycans are not under the control of the full moon but the betas are. The female lycans are sterile and the male alpha lycans can only mate with a woman marked with the lycan wolf paw, called a wolf maiden. In terms of the market, I rarely read other werewolf paranormal stories since I prefer epic fantasy novels, which I think influence my lycan stories.

Tomorrow join us again to read an excerpt from Eva Gordon's novel Werewolf Sanctuary, a novel some have called, "An excellent first installment from a great new author," and "A paranormal you can sink your teeth into."

Tomorrow we'll also kick off the random commenter contest. Read the excerpt (and anything else here we've got about Eva) and make a meaningful comment. That enters you in a random drawing (roll of the dice winner) in which you may win what's in the "Swag Bag" for this set of interviews. Swag Bag photo and contents list will be posted later tonight.

Thanks again to Eva for giving us this sneak peek into her writer's workspace! It seems to be as intriguing a place to write as her books are intriguing to read.

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Deborah Blake said...

What a great space! So much neater than mine, at the moment :-)

My inspirational items are framed awards I've won, quotes from other writers and lots of reference books.

No coffee, no music, alas...

Eva Gordon said...

Thanks Deborah,
Often it's not as neat as it looks. Not only is it a work space but a magical 'altar', which helps me focus on different realms. In the back you might be able to make out my collage for my next book, Beast Warrior.

Kimberlee, Vanilla Heart Publishing said...

Eva? Do you hire out to clean other people's offices? LOL I sure could use that!

Great interview, Eva and Saoirse!

Kimberlee Williams
Eva Fan and Managing Editor
Vanilla Heart Publishing