Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dorchester and America's Next Best Celler Contest

Yepyep! If you're already a Textnovel member you've gotten an email about this exciting new contest (which occurs on top of the exciting regular Textnovel contest)! But, just in case, I'm posting the email here for you to check out...

Dorchester Publishing is sponsoring a writing contest on The prize is $2,000 and publication in 2010. Dorchester is focused on the romance genre. Details can be found at

To enter,

1) login at and go to My Admin.

2) select the box right above Update Information that says \"I want to signup for the Dorchester Best Celler Writing Contest...\" then select Update Information.

3) start a new story under any Romance genre or subgenre and it will automatically be entered in the Contest.

4) Make sure to follow all the Contest Rules and Regulations, available at

Good luck!

Textnovel Team

2 grand! That's enough for any aspiring author to squeeee! And publishing in 2010--that's when MY first novel hits shelves! We could be shelf-sharers! :-)

Okay, for those who aren't currently TN members--let me explain:

1.) No entry fee.

2.) 10,000 words min. by November 1st (in 20 or more small sections/chapters)

3.) Chance to build an audience and get your stuff seen while you maintain your rights (until you give some of them away as a Dorchester winner, but hey, that's publishing ;-).

4.) FASTtrack to paper publishing with a traditional publisher for the winner (trust me, a year to have it hit shelves is pretty darn quick in this biz).

5.) No, silly goose, you don't have to type all or any of your story on a cell phone--although--Rock on! if you choose to.

I'm sure there's a friendly 5, 6, and 7, but I have no caffeine in my system yet to let me know what they are. Yep. None! Ugh...

Okay, so enter BOTH contests on TN if you can. It's totally worth your time--I know, because it wound up being totally worth mine as the first contest winner.

Good luck (and hop over to the TN forum for writing tips and discussions and to introduce yourself, of course)!

Get writing!


AND--Please, please bid on somebody's stuff at This is their first year helping out Operation Joy (which helps needy families) and they are learning a lot as they go--starting bid amounts have fallen to only $20 (I requested my offering start at $2 to get bids moving but was evidently overruled *sigh*). And my cover's not up for some reason. And there are only a few days left to bid. But also remember, as much as I'd like to get some bids, I understand the economic crunch we're in (from the gal counting out nickels at Wal-Mart to buy lettuce) so apply your $20+ wherever it's needed most and give help however you can. Please.

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