Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Twitter Hashtag Phenom

If you Twitter, you may have noticed people occasionally posting a burst of comments or replies, all tagged with a term or phrase that starts with #. That (what the phone company calls "the pound sign") is also known as a hashtag. If you've seen snippets of stuff on Twitter that includes it, you may well be witnessing bits of a hashtag chat.

Hashtag chats can be handy things if you're a writer. They can help you build bridges and stay inspired. But how the heck do you get involved?

I'm hoping you jumped over here from my other post in Advice for Writers: Join a Chat, if so, you've seen a list of a few I suggest. If not, open that link in another tab.

Okay, I'm also working under the belief you have a Twitter account. If not, get one. Twitter is becoming known as THE most useful (and least time consuming) social media for writers.

Open a tab and put in the URL for TweetChat. Use the beta version and skip over to Hashtag to follow: box and type in #writechat (or whichever one you're checking out) during the time it's running live or read this.

You'll be popped into a chatroom where you can chat with other folks about writing.

Other folks also use Tweetdeck.com, but it requires a download (which always frightens my PC).

Don't feel like you can jump right in? No problem.

See what the transcript looks like for a previous week's hashtag chat of the same name by going here (this one being, again, for #writechat). But at least it gives you the main URL.

So check it out and get involved!
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