Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Readers are Saying about Eva Gordon's Werewolf Sanctuary

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea, or hot cocoa--whatever ;-) and take a moment to read what other readers of author Eva Gordon's Werewolf Sanctuary are already saying about it!

"This was an amazing story! Ms. Gordon creates an enthralling spin on the legend of the werewolf, complete with her own version of the mythology surrounding them.The characters are very well written, and the reader instantly empathizes with the plight of the lycans. The chemistry between Wyatt and Madeline is very believable, and really will make you wish for a lycan of your own!"


"Eva Gordon makes it easy to believe that Lycans really exist. Her background in science and her love of wildlife add a reality to her story that makes it truly convincing. She puts a new spin on werewolf mythology and has created a society that's detailed and well thought out. The characters are fully developed. Wyatt, the alpha male werewolf, is a delicious hero. The animalistic yet sensual love scenes between him and Madeline heat up the pages."


"The author creates a lush werewolf world, complete with history, governing council, and mainframe computer. Of course, there are villains, which make this book a real page turner. I was entertained, but I was also left with the surprising thought that Gordon's werewolf world might be an ideal for our own, where our animal nature is not suppressed, but integrated into daily, ceremonial and of course, romantic, life."

Wanna' read a complete review? Here's one by Gail Pruszkowski!

Our final post with Eva will pop up at 7:55 AM (EST)--figured you all might still be sleeping at my normal posting time. Maybe I will be, too... ;-)

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Eva Gordon said...

Thank you. You really set up a fantastic blog event for me. I loved it and can't thank you enough. I will be talking to you soon by e-mail. Hugs for making the dog days of summer fun.