Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dog Days of Summer BlogTour: Dehanna Bailee

Today we welcome Dehanna Bailee, author of a number of intriguing novellas. Dehanna writes for several genres, including science fiction, non-fiction and paranormal.

My name is Dehanna and I've been in the writing/publishing industry for almost a decade. My debut novel was a paranormal romance titled "True Nature," which was received well by readers and reviewers alike, and since its release I had some fans who'd been quietly nudging me to write another werewolfie-based tale, thus came "For Better or Worse." You can find me on the web at and at

What is the rating for your book?

Most of my books, including “For Better or Worse,” are rated [R] for things like violence, adult situations, and mild language.

Please tell us a little about your recent novella.

"For Better or Worse" is a modern-day story about a woman, Sandra, who just wanted a simple life with some sense of normalcy--what she has is a home invasion gone terribly wrong, an old boyfriend hot on the prowl, and one very, very angry husband. This leaves the question: will this werewolf in hiding be able to prove she isn’t going to leave her husband while trying to protect him from the consequences of an unanticipated slaying?

What formats are your book available in? Where can we buy it?

“For Better or Worse”
is available as an ebook direct through the publisher,, as well as through,, and other e-retailers. (ISBN 9781934037539)

Come back tomorrow to read an excerpt from Dehanna's newest novella, "For Better or Worse," and comment to get a chance to win our next prize pack!


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