Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dog Days of Summer BlogTour: Diana Castilleja

A warm welcome to Diana Castilleja of the Aiza Clan books! Diana's Trusting Delilah was a LASR Weekly Reader's Choice. Congrats! Diana, please introduce yourself. :-)

Introduce myself, huh? I'm pretty basic once you get to know me, low key but can get wild when the time is right. I'm 5'6".... Oh wait. Not that kind of intro huh? LOL Okay, here goes. My name is Diana Castilleja and I write. A Lot. I write primarily in paranormal romance genres, but I cut my teeth on romantic suspense and contemporary. I've been writing full time since 2004, with my first ebook published in 2006. In the years in between, I've written some 25 stories (all lengths, some bad, some good *g*). By the end of 2009 I will have nine books available with roughly five in print. I also write as Diana DeRicci for sensual erotic romance.

My main site is at :
My other me is at :

Why did you decide to start writing erotic romance and using a pseudonym?

Mainly I write under the different names to divide the heat of the writing. I started out as a non-erotic writer, and had developed my name as such. When a friend challenged me to write something I hadn't to break out of a writing slump, she challenged me to write an erotic.

Wow! That's a heck of a way to break writer's block! :-)

That story was submitted and accepted. Not long after I was asked to write a short for an anthology and thus was born the erotic me. She's two shades shy of a twit, but I love her crazy style.
Diana rates her two-fer novel, Trusting Delilah & A Trust Earned, as PG-13 because of sexual tension, mild violence and one sex scene. Diana, can you tell us more about this novel?

Trusting Delilah & A Trust Earned have been paired together for one incredible deal. The Aiza Clan Shifter Series is a total of four books and the first two are a great introduction to the quadruplets. Each has their own story, but the four intertwine to give you off-stage looks back into their lives. I loved writing this series. (Wait until you meet Morgan. One word: YUM!)

Sounds like a delicious deal with an interesting set of books and intriguing characters! How did the idea for this series come to you?

I fell in love with Feehan's Dark Series. Went through them like candy. Her LAIR OF THE LION and WILD RAIN were a couple that intrigued me with the shifter idea, and soon the idea was born. I devoured Amanda Ashley, and discovered Lynn Viehl and JR Ward. I couldn't say what else I'd read at that time, but I read anything I could get my hands that had to do with paranormal, vampires and shifters.

Tonight, get a peek at Diana's regular writing space (as she said, "LOL You asked for it!") and learn a few more facts about Diana and her books. Tomorrow stop back to read excerpts from both Trusting Delilah & A Trust Earned--and enter the random comment contest (no, comments can't be totally random, the choice of the winner will be ;-).

Saturday morning we'll be talking to Diana again about writing habits and the process she goes through as an author. Come back and ask questions before she ships off to her next destination! Buy Diana's books here:
Trusting Delilah : Available in E-book form at ARe
A Trust Earned : Available in E-book form at ARe
Aiza Clan Shifter Combo : Available in print ______________________

Thank you so much, Diana! I appreciate your time and creativity!


Diana Castilleja said...

I just have to jump in and tell you that is a BIG bottle of TUMS. Wouldn't be without it! LOL

Saoirse Redgrave said...

I can't blame you at all, Diana--the closer I am to deadline (don't want to think about it now--eep!), the more flips and flops my stomach does!